Timo Kähtävä, CEO & Founder
Neea Salmivaara, Co-Founder & Human Resources
Lauri Sallamo, Co-Founder & Audio Designer
Saara Siirtola, Art Director
Matias "Pato", Lead Programmer
Iida-Maria Laitala, Graphic Designer
Tuomas Kuusniemi, Narrative Designer
Tanja Kuusniemi, Narrative Designer & Social Media

Tuuli Mäenpää, Graphic Designer
Kite, Junior Programmer
Very special thanks to Jussi Autio, Asmo Saloranta, Mika Määttä,
Spawn Point OSK and all of our awesome mentors @ Oulu Game Lab & BusinessOulu
and so many others we have been lucky enough to meet along our way.